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Täältä löydät Kepan järjestämät tapahtumat.
29 touko 2017

Welcome to hear topical news from Nicaragua and Tanzania. Javier Mejía and Tumainiel Mangi will discuss, for example, how the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been received by their governments and other actors in their respective countries and how has the working environment for civil society actors lately developed in their societies.
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13 kesä 2017

Natya Chetana theatre group is famous for its Theatre for Awareness concept in India. Director Subodh Patnaik will introduce the theatre with words, pictures and videos.

Tiedostamisen teatteri -konseptistaan kuuluisan intialaisen Natya Chetana -teatteriryhmän johtaja Subodh Patnaik esittelee yhteisöteatterin toimintaa sanoin, kuvin ja videoin.

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