18 tammi 2018

Global State of Democracy and the Finnish Democracy Policy

Date and time:
18.1.2018 09:00 – 11:00
Merikasarmi, Engel Hall, Laivastokatu 22 A
Event language:
free event
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The Ministry for Foreign Affairs




Finland participates actively in international co-operation for promotion of human rights and democracy. According to the Government´s development policy report Finland will work to improve the conditions for democracy, human rights, good governance, the media and civil society to function well, and also to combat corruption.

Finland is a founding member of the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA). The IDEA has recently launched the Global State of Democracy publication which explores Democracy's Resilience i.e. how resilient is democracy in the face of global challenges? The main findings of the report will be introduced by the IDEA representatives and commented by Finnish experts.


Coffee will be served at 08:30.

9.00                        Opening words by Rauno Merisaari, Ambassador at-large on Human Rights and Democracy (MFA)

9.10                        International IDEA – vision, aims and priorities. International IDEA is an inter-governmental organization, which advances democracy worldwide through support to the building, strengthening and safeguarding of democratic political institutions and processes. Annika Silva-Leander, Senior Adviser to the Secretary-General (IDEA)

9.20                        The Global State of Democracy – How resilient is democracy in the face of global challenges? International IDEA's new Global State of Democracy publication analyses current trends and challenges impacting on democracy worldwide and at country level, including Finland. Nathalie Ebead, Head of Democracy Assessment, Analysis and Advisory (IDEA). Discussion


10.00                     Trends and challenges of Finnish political participation in the international democracy landscape. While Finland is a consolidated Nordic democracy with a strong welfare state, political engagement among citizens is increasingly differentiated. Hanna Wass, Academy Research Fellow (University of Helsinki)

10.15                     Democracy, resilience and multi-party co-operation. Demo Finland enhances democracy by carrying out and facilitating collaborative projects between Finnish political parties and political movements in new and developing democracies.  Silvia Modig, MP, a member of the board (Demo Finland). Discussion

10.40                     A wrap-up: How to enhance the Finnish democracy support? The meeting will be moderated by Lotta Valtonen, Senior Adviser for Democracy and Governance (MFA)

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More information of the IDEA report: https://www.idea.int/publications/catalogue/global-state-democracy-exploring-democracys-resilience?lang=en