Tie Mosambikissa.
Henna Hakkarainen

Kepa in Mozambique

Kepa Mozambique strengthens local civil society by providing financial and technical support to our local partners' advocacy work as well by encouraging CSOs to take advantage of national and international networking opportunities to enhance their advocacy capacity.

Our activities can be summarised as follows: providing financial and technical support to our direct partners and participating in strategic networks or platforms related to Kepa's themes. Our technical support can be e.g. commenting position papers or concept notes for debates or seminars, or participation in discussions with donors and government representatives.

We have also been supporting strategic networks by being their active members. We have also supported some networks in re-building their activities. As part of networks we participate in several activities aiming to influence government and parliament decisions. We also organise debates with donors together with our partners.

All above activities help us gain information that we share with our members and contribute to advocacy work in Helsinki. We produce blogs, videos and articles aiming to show the realities of CSOs' struggles in fighting against poverty and inequalities in Mozambique.

In Mozambique we do not have many of Kepa's members development cooperation projects or partners, but we have been following the existing activities and try to respond to their demands as we can.

Partnerships in Mozambique

Currently Kepa has four partners in Mozambique.

We continue cooperation with our long-term partner Justiça Ambiental (JA!) working with communities on different parts of Mozambique focusing on environmental issues and corporate accountablity. Kepa supports JA!'s advocacy work and our joint objective is to strenghten the organisational capacity and sustainablity of JA!

One of our newer partners is the Non-Government Organizations League (JOINT). We support the capacity building of JOINT in coordinating CSOs' advocacy actions for enabling environment for civil society and participation in public decision making processes.

We also support two thematic platforms or coalitions; the Natural Resources and Extractive Industry Platform (NREIP) and Mozambican Debt Group (GMD).

NREIP is a civil society platform improving CSOs' capacity to influence decision making processes especially in natural resources management and extractive industry. GMD is a coalition of NGOs, syndicates, religious groups, social communication organs, peasant associations and individuals interested in discussing and advocating for solutions on development issues, sustainable management of public resources and external debt.

Civil society voices from Mozambique