Training session at Kepa.
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Kepa's training contents are planned to cater especially for CSO needs. Trainers are experts in their fields, and latest research data is utilised in our trainings. We prefer practical and participatory methods; peer learning and group exercises are widely used in our training sessions. Training participants are encouraged to share their own experiences and network with others.

Kepa provides training in the following subjects:

  • development cooperation
  • global education
  • private sector collaboration
  • advocacy work
  • communications

Kepa’s trainings provide you with information and skills to act for global solidarity, both in Finland and elsewhere in the world. The average grade given to our trainings is 4.3 out of possible 5.

See our fees and registration info, and learning materials.

Development cooperation trainings

Development cooperation trainings are directed at Finnish CSOs implementing or planning development cooperation. Trainings include topics such as human rights based approach (HRBA), planning, monitoring and evaluating development cooperation projects and programmes, development effectiveness, and financial administration of projects and programmes.

We also focus on effects of development cooperation, which can be both positive and sometimes harmful. For example, it is important to see whether CSOs work is sustainable, or if it causes dependency on outside support.

Global education trainings

Global education trainings are directed at Finnish CSOs implementing or planning global education projects. Training topics include values and ethics of global education and communication, critical global education, planning, monitoring and evaluation of global education projects, and effectiveness of global education.

Advocacy work and communications trainings

Advocacy trainings are directed at Finnish CSOs implementing or planning advocacy work. We offer training for both beginners and more experienced organisations. Training topics include planning and implementation of advocacy work and campaigns, and thematically e.g. funding for development, climate justice, global economy and Agenda 2030.

Communications trainings are directed at Finnish CSOs who wish to enhance their skills in communications. Training topics include using social media in CSO communications and how to share results and effectiveness of CSO work. Some trainings are meant for professionals in CSO communications, and others are for CSO people with no prior experience or knowledge in communications.