Interview at the World Village Festival.
Leif Laaksonen


Kepa organizes various events each year, where member organisations are able to initiate and participate in discussions on global development and make their work more widely known.

World Village Festival

The largest and best known of Kepa’s events is the World Village Festival, held over a May weekend every year in Helsinki. It is a cultural festival, organisations fair, and a current events discussion arena, with more than 80.000 visitors each year.

Markets of Possibilities

Market of Possibilities (in Finnish) is a form of citizen action. These open, free of charge events bring local people and organisations together and enhance people’s interest in global issues and offer ways to act for a just world. Every year Markets of Possibilities are held in about 20 cities and towns all around Finland. If you want to participate in arranging a market in your own locality, please contact for further information.

Development Policy Day

Kepa’s Development Policy Day (in Finnish) is an annual seminar focusing on current development policy themes. It is held in Helsinki and gathers more than 200 CSO participants each year.

Upcoming events

You will see all events organised by Kepa and other development minded organisations in our Events Calendar (in Finnish).

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