Become a member.
Jaakko Virtanen

Become a member

The Kepa Board may accept as a regular member any association or foundation that has legal capacity and implements Kepa's purpose. The Kepa Board may accept as a contributing member an organisation, foundation or private individual that has legal capacity and wishes to support Kepa’s purpose and activities.

Organisations should have been approved for Finland’s official register of associations for at least a year, and they must approve of Kepa’s basic principles (in Finnish).

Applications for membership should be submitted to Kepa’s Board using the registration form:

Applications should be accompanied by the following appendices:

  • Rules of Association
  • Certificate of registration in Finland’s official Register of Associations (yhdistysrekisteriote)
  • Annual report (toimintakertomus)
  • Action plan (toimintasuunnitelma)
  • Income and expenditure statement/report (tilinpäätös)
  • Financial plan (talousarvio)

Kepa’s board processes membership applications within 1-2 months, and applicants are informed of the board’s decision by post. In order to participate in the World Village Festival as a member organisation of Kepa, the applicant must have been accepted as member by the end of previous year.

Membership Fees

Membership fees are set on five categories according to the number of members of the organisation. Fees for foundations are determined by budget according to a table accepted by Kepa’s Annual General Meeting.


Less than 100 memebers -> 52 euros
100 - 499 members -> 94 euros
500 - 4 999 members -> 188 euros
5 000 - 25 000 members -> 270 euros
More than 25 000 members -> 624 euros


Membership fee is paid according to the budget (or that part of the budget which is allocated for activities mentioned in article 3 of Kepa's rules (PDF).

1-250 000 euro budget -> 52 euro fee
250 001-500 000 euro budget -> 94 euro fee
500 001-1 000 000 euro budget -> 188 euro fee
1 000 001-5 000 000 euro budget -> 270 euro fee
More then 5 000 001 euro budget -> 624 euro fee

Supporting members

The fee for supporting members is at least 265 euros annually from companies and educational institutions. NGO's pay 90 euros.

Approval twice a year

Organisations approved as members during Kepa’s autumn meeting (held in October or November) do not need to pay membership fees for the current calendar year.