CSO's representatives meet politicians at the Painavaa Asiaa event 2015.
Veikko Somerpuro

Work in Finland

Kepa's work in Finland can be roughly divided into three different areas which are advocacy work, capacity building and global education and awareness raising. We are also offering a wide range of services to our member organisations as well as other civil society actors.

Kepa works in the fields of advocacy, capacity building, global education and awareness raising.

Services in Helsinki

Kepa offers different services and benefits to our member organisations as well as to other CSOs. 

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Kepa influences political decision making, aiming to make the world more just and equal while also reducing global poverty. We seek to change political decision making processes by directly lobbying Finnish decision makers. Kepa focuses on the following themes: development financing, tax justice and corporate accountability, climate justice, and enabling environment for civil society.

Kepa is also working for Agenda 2030 implementation in Finland and in Finland's development cooperation work and foreign relations. Agenda 2030 work is implemented together with a larger civil society coalition involving such organisations as Finnish Youth Cooperation – Allianssi, SOSTE Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health, Valo Finnish Sports Confederation, various trade unions, and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland.

In our advocacy work Kepa plays various roles, serving as a provider of information, an advocate, a facilitator and a political watchdog. We are in continuous contact with government representatives, members of parliament, political parties, civil servants and media houses. Kepa provides policy makers with fact-based information and recommendations. Through this work we aim to enhance decision makers’ understanding of the global impacts of their decisions, and encourage them to take these impacts into account.

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Capacity building

Kepa strengthens civil society by enhancing the capacities of its member organisations. Kepa offers training and advisory services in development cooperation and global education, as well as promotes mutual learning and information sharing by facilitating different discussions, workshops and learning sessions.

We also enhance the ability of civil society actors to influence public opinion. Our goal is to support civil society actors to work effectively and influentially by conducting critical global education and advocacy work of high quality to promote social change.

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Global education and awareness raising

Finnish organisations form an active part of global civil society, striving together for global justice and a sustainable future. CSOs support democracy and create space, means and opportunities for active citizens to take action. They also produce information and solutions to current burning issues at local, national and global level.

Kepa supports civil society actors to work effectively and influentially by conducting critical global education and advocacy work of high quality to promote social change. Our goal is to provide Finns with information on global challenges and inspire them to act to resolve them through our website, social media channels as well as through Maailman Kuvalehti, a magazine published by Kepa.

To shape public opinion in Finland Kepa provides a platform for CSOs, supporting their efforts to network, increase their visibility and reach their target groups. This is why Kepa organises a wide range of public events, debates and seminars each year. We also actively follow international forums and attend summits, for instance the UN Climate Change Conferences.

Together with other civil society actors Kepa encourages people to take an interest in global issues and directs them towards opportunities for action offered by our member organisations. Our annual World Village Festival and our Markets of Possibilities network events (in Finnish) create space for CSOs to encounter people interested in global issues.